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Biodegradable Packaging Tape Becomes One of the Alternatives in the Plastic Packaging Industry

Biodegradable Packaging Tape Becomes One of the Alternatives in the Plastic Packaging Industry

Development Trends in the Biodegradable Industry

In response to the United Nations' call for energy conservation and emission reduction, major countries around the world are guided by principles such as reduction, recyclability, reusability, ease of recycling, and biodegradability. They are developing and promoting plastic products or alternatives that meet performance standards, are eco-friendly, and economically practical. Society is vigorously promoting green, circular, and low-carbon development, which further propels the steady growth of the biodegradable industry.

Comparing with the adhesive tape products in the packaging industry, approximately 30 billion square meters of packaging tape are used globally. With the development of the e-commerce industry, this number continues to rise. Currently, plastic material tapes still dominate the market, accounting for 80% of all tapes. However, from an environmental perspective, this situation is not promising. To change the status quo, biodegradable packaging tapes have been developed.

One of the Alternatives to Plastic Packaging

Practical findings show that biodegradable packaging tapes are a more sustainable alternative, paving the way for a future with plastic-free packaging. These tapes can decompose in the natural environment. Unlike traditional plastic packaging tapes, biodegradable packaging tapes are made from renewable resources and can be broken down by microorganisms under appropriate conditions, eventually converting into carbon dioxide, water, and organic matter. Biodegradable packaging tapes play a significant role in reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste and are commonly used in eco-friendly packaging and sustainable development fields.

SHAOXING KEDE NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD. produces biodegradable packaging tapes that offer a high-quality product choice for tape applications in packaging. Their tapes meet customers' demand for high-quality, high-performance packaging and provide glue solutions oriented towards sustainable development. They also maximally protect and secure the packaged items. The biodegradable packaging tapes manufactured by SHAOXING KEDE NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD. use unique production processes aiming for zero pollution and biodegradability to minimize environmental impact, dedicating themselves to building a cleaner environment for society.

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